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Main Features

1.Microcomputer control system

“SMART IIII” microcomputer control system is adopted to realized not only intelligent controls of the sterilization process but also the classified management of instruments (user, administrator and engineer three levels included).As a result, we can guarantee satisfactory use and management of autoclaves.

2.Multilayered pressure protection system

Our patented pressure interlocking device can automatically sense the pressure in the sterilization chamber and tightly locked, which effectively prevent personal injuries caused by spraying steam arising from misoperation.The system can monitor the pressure changes in the sterilization chamber on a real-time basis. Upon detection of any pressure anomaly, the dual overpressure protection system consisting of a safety valve and a pressure protective device will be actuated immediately to relieve pressure or disconnect power supply.

3.Unique anti-scald design

The cover and bench of the sterilization chamber are made of special plastic to give a nice look and avoid causing corrosions and scald. The unique steam discharge and collection system can help to prevent scald.

4.Multiple sterilization cycles and memory system

5 sterilization cycles are preset for sterilization, drying, warming of solid and liquid articles and for melting and warming of agar separately.

5.Temperature and pressure

Sterilization temperature:105 to 135°C,designed pressure:0.3Mpa

6.Big LCD Screen can clearly show all the sterilization data and process

7.Over temperature protection system

The system can monitor the temperature changes in the sterilization chamber on a real-time basis and disconnect power supply immediately upon detection of over temperature or abnormal temperature variation.

8.Automatic troubleshooting system

Troubleshooting is conducted automatically upon startup. Acoustic alarms will be given and Error Number will be displayed on the screen if any trouble occurs during equipment operation.

9.Safety and Function

Self-induction pressure interlocking device, lid closing checking, over temperature protection, temperature monitor, dry scorch protection system, over pressure protection, safety valve, over current and short circuit protection, leakage protection device, anti-scald safety protection, automatic troubleshooting system.

Technical Specifications

Model AE-STR001 (60L DA) AE-STR002 (80L DA) AE-STR003 (110L DA)
AE-STR001 (60L DF) AE-STR002 (80L DF) AE-STR003 (110L DF)
AE-STR001 (60L DR) AE-STR002 (80L DR) AE-STR003 (110L DR)
Model difference DA:Standard, DF:Automatic water feeding cooling fan, DR: DF drying
Capacity(L) 60 85 110
Dimension(L*W*H,mm) 660x644x980(DA)








φ400×505 φ400×700 φ400×895
Rate power supply(w) 2900 4600 4600
Stainless steel


(φ360×200)x2 (φ360×280)x2 (φ360×250)x3
Power requirement 220V,16A,50/60HZ 220V,32A,50/60HZ 220V,32A,50/60HZ
Temperature accuracy 0.1°C
Working environment 5-45°C, relatively humidity 10%-85%
Chamber material SUS 304
Sterilization temperature 105-138°C
Sterilization time range 1-6000 minutes
Melting temperature 60-100°C
Melting time range 1-6000 minutes
Warming temperature 45-60°C
Warming time range 1-9999 minutes
Drying(only for DR model) 1-300 minutes, drying temperature 80-140°C
Cooling lock OPEN temperature 40-80°C for liquid cycle, 40-99°C for other cycles
Sterilization cycle 1.Solid cycle 2.Liquid cycle 3.Liquid with warming cycle 4.Agar cycle 5.Solid

with drying(for DR) 6. Medical waste cycle 7. Customized cycle

Sterilization cycle number DA can save up to 20 cycles, DF/DR can save up to 60 cycles
Exhaust mode Automatic internal discharging ,with a steam collecting bottle inside.

Exhaust speed can be selected by 6 levels

Lid opening way Up and down
Steam collector and water tank DA: embedded 2 steam collector, DF: embedded 2 steam collector and 28L

water tank DR: embedded steam collector and 28L water tank

Preset range of timer Can be preset and auto start up to 6 days in advance
Display range of pressure gauge -0.1-0.5Mpa
Pressure Max working pressure:0.27Mpa,design pressure:0.35Mpa
Controller “Inspiration” fast speed microcomputer controller
Safety device “eight column evenly distributed” interlocking device, electric double inner locks, lid closing checking, dry scorch protection, overpressure protection, safety valve, water level sensor, over temperature protection, temperature monitor, over current and short circuit protection, leakage protection, cooling lock, anti-scald chamber cover and bench, automatic



Standard Accessories

Items Name Qty
1 Main Machine 1set
2 Operating Manual 1pc
3 Stainless Steel Basket 2 or 3pcs
4 Connect Pipes 1 packet
5 Waste Liquid Bottle 1pc
6 Water Level Plate 1pc
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